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Onsite Locksmith provides a full range of locksmith services to our customers in Stuart, FL. However, we go above and beyond for our customers with expanded services such as ignition lock repair. So, if you’ve already used our services, remember us when searching for an “auto ignition repair near me” in Stuart, FL. We will do our best to fix the ignition switch in your vehicle, or replace it if it’s beyond repair.

When you work with an experienced, professional, and certified locksmith, you get the results you’re looking for. We work efficiently so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible!

Local Ignition Lock Repair

car ignition repair

If your ignition isn’t working right, call us. We can identify the issue and solve it properly.

Are you looking for ignition repair services in Stuart, FL? If your ignition switch goes bad, it can cause your car to stall and the lights to go off, and the radio will turn off. If you wiggle the key around, you might get the car to start, the lights to come on and the radio to work.

What is ignition repair? Onsite Locksmith provides ignition lock repair in many cases. When we fix the ignition switch, we may also need to perform an ignition lock cylinder repair. Whenever possible, we will perform cost-effective repairs. However, you may need a key ignition replacement to ensure the safe operation of your vehicle.

Ignition Replacement Near Me

When you need to replace an ignition switch, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable team of local locksmiths. Your ignition switch is located behind the steering column in most models. However, sometimes it is located in the dashboard. The switch transfers power from the battery to electrical components and accessories in your car.

As you can see, the ignition switch does much more than turn your car on. There are many scenarios that require ignition switch repair or replacement. If you have a bad starter, the ignition switch will not turn over. If the ignition switch itself is bad, you won’t have working lights or radio service. In some cases, it only takes removing a few screws to fix your ignition switch. Other times, we need to remove the steering column to access faulty parts.

If your car won’t start or starts then dies, that typically means you need to replace your ignition switch.

Average Ignition Replacement Cost

Generally, it costs between $220 and $500 for ignition replacement parts and labor. The actual cost of replacing an ignition switch depends on the make and model of your vehicle and other factors. To get a more accurate quote for your vehicle call or email us for a customized quote.

Local and Mobile Ignition Repair

Our professional, certified locksmiths have more than five years of experience. We only use high-quality parts when replacing your ignition switch. When we provide other locksmith services in Stuart, FL, we also use high-quality parts such as brand-name locks from Audi, BMW, Ford, VW, and more.

Onsite Locksmith provides 24-hour emergency mobile locksmith service in Stuart, FL, Palm Beach County, and the Treasure Coast. So, contact us to find out more about our ignition replacement and repairs and any other locksmith services you may need.